bujagali hydropower project


Bujagali Energy Limited ("BEL") is committed to a proactive and dynamic consultation program designed to maximize community awareness of the hydropower project and to solicit community input and partnership. We believe this close collaboration with interested organizations and individuals enables us to operate the best project possible for Uganda and communities located near the site.

Since early 2006, our project team has implemented a comprehensive public consultation and disclosure program. To date, we have held numerous public meetings and discussions with a wide range of stakeholders including (but not limited to):

  • Local communities (including local residents and leaders)
  • Government agencies
  • Non-government organizations (environmental and other interest groups)
  • Businesses (including tourist-related interests in the area)
  • Cultural groups (the Kingdoms of Buganda and Busoga)
  • Local Fishers

Important features of the BEL public consultation program include the formation of Sub-County Consultation Committees and periodic meetings with local and national stakeholders and government agencies. Stakeholder engagement activities have continued through the development, construction, and operations phases.